The security permissions for Flex Scheduling can be set up through the Security page by the System Admin. 

Generally those in charge of scheduling are the typical users who will need access to these tables.

New tables have been added to the Security page under the Scheduling and School Information sections as shown in the screenshots below.

New tables include:

  • SSE - Staff Sections
  • SSM - Staff Scheduling Master
  • FTF - Flex Periods
  • FTT - Flex Period Times (Security is mirrored using FTF and will not be listed on the Security page)
  • CCL - Class Calendars
  • CCD - Class Calendar Dates (Security is mirrored using CCL and will not be listed on the Security page)

In order to display the Flex Periods (FTF), Class Calendars (CCL) and Section Staff Members (SSE and SSM) data on a section, users will need Read permission to MST and SMS

Additional permissions to SSE or SSM are required in order for a user to Insert, Update and Delete staff member data on those tables.

Full rights to CCL and FTF are required for users who will set up and modify the Class Calendars and Flex Periods pages.

Note: The Staff table is now currently used for Flex Scheduling when referencing the Staff  ID. Although all Staff ID's are required for the Staff table, at this time the Teacher ID must also exist in order for the Teacher to log into their Aeries portal account. This will be adjusted in a future update to not require a teacher record for teacher school associations in Security settings.