Graduation Status letters can be generated and mailed home to inform parents of their student's progress towards graduation. The Graduation Status Letter to Parents can be found under Grade Reporting | Reports in the navigation. The following form will display. Letters can be generated for a single grade level or all grade levels. Additional print options include printing the students' Algebra I Status, a parent signature line, printing on a pre-printed letterhead, or displaying the counselor name on the letter. Selecting the Add Entries to Letter Log option will add a record to the Letter Log (LTL) table for each student that was included in the Graduation Status Letter report.

The Letter Editor option allows users to edit the text that prints on the Graduation Status Letter to Parents. In order to insert data about the student in the body of the letter field names must be entered into the letter in brackets.

Only certain fields currently work on letters. These are: [FN], [LN], [PG], [GN], [GR], [BD], [MN], and [CU]. The [HE/SHE], [HIM/HER], and [HIS/HER] fields will all display the student's first name. These fields will work in all letter texts printed in Aeries.

Letters can also be created and designed for students whose primary language is different than English. This can be done by creating another letter using the Add button and entering the appropriate text in the language selected.

The name for this new letter must start with Graduation Status with an extension, such as, “Sp” for Spanish. The Correspondence Language of the current letter must also be set for the language of the individuals to receive this letter. Leave the Correspondence Language field blank to indicate the default letter for students whose Correspondence Language (STU.CL) field is English or any other language that does not have a translated letter. 

To print the Graduation Status Letter click on the Print Letters button and the following letter will be generated.