After the HIS table has been updated with semester grades, the Recompute Cumulative GPAs and Class Rank is used to recompute the GPA and class rank up through the current term. The Recompute Cumulative GPAs and Class Rank page is under Grade Reporting | Functions in the navigation tree or in Grade Reporting Process Dashboard | F.Transcripts: 2. Recompute Cumulative GPAs and Class Rank.

Several options display for recomputing GPA’s. If this function was previously generated it will default to the last option selected. Any District Defined GPAs will be listed on the Recompute Cumulative GPAs and Class Rank page and will be processed as well. Select the appropriate GPA and Rank option and grade level and click on the Recompute GPAs and Class Rank button.

If the Aeries Built-In GPAs have been disabled on the GPA Configurations page only the district defined GPAs listed will be processed. District defined GPAs will be calculated and ranked based on the configurations set on the GPA Configurations page. Please refer to the GPA Configurations documentation for more information on configuring district defined GPAs. 

If Class Ranks have been locked on the GPA Configurations page for any district defined GPA the locked Class Ranks will display a checkmark to the left of the district defined GPA. Locking a Class Rank prevents the Class Ranks from recalculating student class ranks. Additional Class Ranks can be locked or unlocked on this page by selecting or deselecting the check box. 

When the calculations have completed a message will display. If any error messages display, correct the error and recompute the GPA's again.