This article outlines how to configure ParentSquare and Aeries to send District Attendance Letters through ParentSquare.

ParentSquare Configuration

A basic Template will be provided by ParentSquare for District Letters. This Template may be configured by Admins to suit the Districts' needs.

Once an Admin user has logged into Aeries, clicking on the Communications link opens a ParentSquare session

Initially the session opens up at the District level.  There is a drop down to select a specific school.  The Template configuration procedure is the same for each School.

To configure a Template at the District, click on 'Add-ons"

On the Features and Add-Ons page, click 'Auto Notices' in the navigation menu.

The Automated Personalized Notices page displays all the Templates that have been configured.  

Select 'District Attendance Letter' from the list.  This opens up the Template.

Click on 'Template Messages'

Click on 'Edit'

The Template Title may be edited.

The Section 'View Options' may be left as is. 

The next section 'Define Message' is for configuration of the message Parents receive when Letters are generated.  There are 3 messages to configure, Text, Voice and Email.  Clicking on 'Spanish' allows for a translated message of each to be sent in Spanish. Additional Languages may be added. Contact ParentSquare support for help.

The 'Insert Merge Field' dropdown contains the fields that can be added to your message. Merge fields may also be deleted from the message.

Click 'Save Template' to save the template.

Note: If a Text message fails to send, it will fall back to Voice Message.  It is recommended to remove the merge field [[filename]] from the Voice Message as the PDF file names generated are alphanumeric and can be long.  Instead, the Voice message could direct them to log in to their account and the link can be found under 'Alerts and Notices' 

Aeries Configuration

When ParentSquare is enabled in Aeries, District Attendance Letters are automatically send them through the ParentSquare Interface.

How do you tell if the letters are actually sending through ParentSquare, or email, or at all?

If the Send letters process is successful, there is no log of it. However, if the process fails for some reason it will be written to the WRL table. 

If Letters fail to send through ParentSquare, the process will fall back to sending an email from the District and will be logged in the EML table

If they send through PS, is there a log of that in Aeries or PS?

If 'Log verbose messages ' is enabled on the 3rd Party Systems Connections page then all events will be logged to the WRL table.  Otherwise, only errors will be logged.

How do you review the sent items in ParentSquare?

Once the Letters are sent to ParentSquare they are only viewable by the recipient.