If the Google Classroom Link is not showing up or not working for your Teachers, please check these items:

1. Account is any Teacher type account.  A Teacher Account is a Teacher or Substitute Teacher account and includes Active Directory Teacher accounts. UGN.UTY = ('teacher','adteacher','teachersub','adteachersub') 

2. The email they have in SSO.GEM is an active account in GSuite in their Teacher Domain. If the email is not present in SSO.GEM, then their UGN.EM must be an active account in GSuite their Teacher Domain.

3. Google Teachers must be cached.  GoogleTeachers_DB in the DistrictCache table.

4. The account in SSO.GEM or UGN.EM must be in the GoogleTeachers_DB cache.

5. The school they are currently logged into is selected in the Google Classroom config.

6. Teachers must be in the "classroom_teachers" group in the domain specified for "Teacher Domain" on the Google Integration Configuration page.

7. If they're using the Staff Integration also make sure the STF.EM is populated for the account to get properly linked from the STF table.

8. Ensure that the .p12 or .json file is the current and correct credential file for the service account that's being used, and that it's accessible by the Aeries Reporting service and all web servers which may need access.  See the Google Integration setup to ensure this file is in the correct location. 

9. If a teacher disables "Manage invite codes" for Google Classroom, Aeries will not be able to link to it.


NOTE: The New Year Rollover process will automatically disable the past year Google Integration by adding 'disabled' to the .json or .p12 file name in DPT.