The Student Data > Contacts page allows an unlimited number of emergency or other contacts related to the student to be entered. 

Users will need appropriate Read, Update, Insert and Delete to CON to manage the Contacts.  Permissions to specific fields can be given using Field Level Security.

The student Contacts header contains a Full Contact List button which will open a window that displays the full contact listing information for a student. 

When clicked, the Full Contact List page will display contact listing information that has been entered in the student's Contacts page. The information on the page can be printed by selecting the Print button. 

The Contacts page is a good place to store contacts who are authorized to pick up the student. This page contains an area for unlimited narrative comments for each contact. There is also the Mail Tag field that can be “flagged” for duplicate mailings to be sent to parents living at different addresses (e.g. report cards, school mailings, etc.). The Portal? field is used to indicate if the contact has access to the Parent/Student Portal. If the school is using automated account creation, this field will trigger the creation of portal accounts.  If Auto/Mass Create Portal accounts is not enabled, the field will have no effect on Portal Accounts

Also included on this page are fields to flag each contact as an Ed Rights Holder or a Primary Contact. Codes may be set up for most dropdown fields, including the Record Type (CON.CD) field which is typically used to identify the type of contact such as Parent/Guardian, Emergency Contact, Restrained/Restricted Contact, Physician, etc.

Fields are also available for Notification Preferences and Attendance Notification. These fields are specifically used for Aeries Communications customers, however, they may be utilized by other customers to flag contacts to suit their needs. These two fields have hard-coded dropdown values.  If the Parent has set their Notification Preferences in the Parent Portal, you will be asked if you would like to override their choices if you make any changes to their Preferences.

A Lock field has been added to give users the ability to lock down certain contact records so that they may not be changed in the Parent Portal.  A code needs to be populated in the COD table for CON.LK and when a Code is selected, the record will be locked for editing through the Parent Portal.


Adding and Editing Contacts

Individual contact records may be added by clicking the Add button. A window will display with all available fields. Like most Aeries pages, fields that have been defined as required fields will be highlighted in Blue. This same page will display when editing contact records.  Contacts may also be edited by the Parents in the Parent Portal during Parent Data Confirmation or according to the Portal Settings or the settings in the School Options  > Contacts tab.

If the Lives With field is set to Yes, the user will be prompted to populate the contact's address with the student's address.

Populating the individual name fields including Prefix, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, and Suffix, will automatically populate the Mailing Name field.

There are 8 User fields available for use.  Codes can be set up on the Update Code Table page in CON.U1-U8.  Custom captions can also be set for these fields.

When adding a new contact record, the Entered Date field will be automatically populated with today's date. This date may be edited depending on the needs of the district.

The order of contacts is set by the Order field, however, contacts that have the Red Flag set will display at the top of the list.

A drag and drop icon will display to change the Contact Order.  The icon does not display on contacts that have the Red Flag.  Red Flag contacts will display at the top of the list.

Choosing a Code for Lock will prevent parents from editing the Contact.  The codes can be added on the Update Code Table page for the CON.LK field.

Military fields are also available on the contacts page. These fields may be used to track various military details that may be useful for schools that reside in communities with a high population of individuals enlisted with the military.  Codes can be set up on the Update Code Table page in CON.MU1-MU5. Custom captions can be set for these also.

Copying Contacts

Contacts may be copied by clicking the Copy button. This will create a copy of the selected contact.

Clicking the Paste button will insert a copy of that contact record to this student. The user may also navigate to a different student and Paste the record there.

Linking Contacts

If contact linking has been enabled for your district, two frequently called phone numbers may be set as numbers to be displayed on the contact tab of the student information bar and on various reports. These will display instead of the former mother's work and father's work phone numbers. These are linked by clicking the link icon on a particular contact and selecting the desired telephone numbers. Once the numbers are linked, any changes to the phone numbers are automatically updated.

Note: This feature must be configured by turning on the rule on the District Settings page. This involves turning on the rule, and running a one-time initialization process.

Clicking the link icon will display a popup allowing the user to select which phone numbers from the selected contact should display in the Primary 1 or Primary 2 spots. Existing links are also displayed on this popup. The description may also be edited at the time the contact is linked.

As contacts are updated, the two linked phone numbers will be automatically displayed on the Student Information Bar. The phone numbers are then copied to STU.FW, STU.FX, STU.MW, and STU.MX. Instead of the label reading Mother or Father's work, or Primary 1 or Primary 2, the label will show the description entered when linking the contact. The description is actually stored along with the contact record in the CON.C1D or CON.C2D fields, and the field to display is stored in the CON.C1F and CON.C2F fields. These four fields are not editable from the contacts page directly and are edited only by clicking the link button.

Contact Fields

Below is a listing of all available Contact (CON) fields. Note: dropdown fields that are tied to code-table managed are noted.

  • CON.LK - Lock - code table dropdown
  • CON.PF - Prefix
  • CON.LN - Last Name
  • CON.FN - First Name
  • CON.MN - Middle Name
  • CON.SF - Suffix
  • CON.NM - Mailing Name
  • CON.VDT - Verification Date
  • CON.LW - Lives With? - yes/no
  • CON.AD - Address
  • CON.CY - City
  • CON.ST - State
  • CON.ZC - Zip Code
  • CON.ZX - Zip Code Extension
  • CON.AT - Address Type - code table dropdown
  • CON.RF - Red Flag
  • CON.RL - Relationship - code table dropdown
  • CON.PC - Primary Contact - yes/no
  • CON.ERH - Ed Rights Holder - yes/no
  • CON.CD - Record Type - code table dropdown
  • CON.NP - Notification Preference - hard-coded dropdown used with Aeries Communications
  • CON.AN - Attendance Notification - hard-coded dropdown used with Aeries Communications
  • CON.MT - Mail Tag - hard-coded dropdown
  • CON.OR - Order
  • CON.ES - Enrolled the Student - yes/no 
  • CON.TL - Home Telephone
  • CON.WP - Work Phone
  • CON.WX - Work Phone Extension
  • CON.CP - Mobile Phone
  • CON.PA - Pager
  • CON.CL - Correspondence Language
  • CON.EL - Parent Education Level
  • CON.ELV - Contact Education Level - code table dropdown
  • CON.BD - Contact Birth Date
  • CON.TB - TB Test Status
  • CON.TBE - TB Test Expiration Date
  • CON.FP - Fingerprint Status
  • CON.FPD - Fingerprint Date
  • CON.EM - Email Address
  • CON.AP - Portal? - yes/no
  • CON.ENM - Employer Name
  • CON.ELC - Employer Location
  • CON.OC - Occupation
  • CON.U1 - User field - code table dropdown
  • CON.U2 - User field - code table dropdown
  • CON.U3 - User field - code table dropdown
  • CON.U4 - User field - code table dropdown
  • CON.U5 - User field - code table dropdown
  • CON.U6 - User field - code table dropdown
  • CON.U7 - User field - code table dropdown
  • CON.U8 - User field - code table dropdown
  • CON.CT1 - Additional Contact 1 Code - code table dropdown
  • CON.CN1 - Additional Contact 1 Value
  • CON.CT2 - Additional Contact 2 Code - code table dropdown
  • CON.CN2 - Additional Contact 2 Value
  • CON.CT3 - Additional Contact 3 Code - code table dropdown
  • CON.CN3 - Additional Contact 3 Value
  • CON.CT4 - Additional Contact 4 Code - code table dropdown
  • CON.CN4 - Additional Contact 4 Value
  • CON.ME - Comment
  • CON.ED - Entered Date
  • CON.MBR - Military Branch - code table dropdown
  • CON.MRA - Military Rank - code table dropdown
  • CON.MTG - Military Status - code table dropdown
  • CON.MSN - Military Supervisor
  • CON.MSP - Military Supervisor's Phone
  • CON.MU1 - Military User 1 - code table dropdown
  • CON.MU1 - Military User 2 - code table dropdown
  • CON.MU1 - Military User 3 - code table dropdown
  • CON.MU1 - Military User 4 - code table dropdown
  • CON.MU1 - Military User 5 - code table dropdown
  • CON.C1F - Contact Linking 1 Field
  • CON.C1D - Contact Linking 1 Description
  • CON.C2F - Contact Linking 2 Field
  • CON.C2D - Contact Linking 2 Description
  • CON.DTS - Date Timestamp Last Updated