The security permissions for Supplemental Attendance can be set up through the Security page by the System Admin. Assign the appropriate permissions to users. For user accounts to be able to access the Supplemental Attendance by Teacher page under Teacher Emulation they will require Insert and Update permissions to the Supplemental Attendance Data (ATD) security area. 

Teachers can be assigned permissions on the Portal Groups Security page. If the Program option of Allow Walk-Ins is on, Insert to Supplemental Attendance Student Assignments is needed in addition to permissions to Supplemental Attendance Data.

For Teachers to be able to access and run the Supplemental Attendance Class Roster report they need Read permissions to all of the Supplemental Attendance tables in security.

If Students will be permitted to sign themselves into a supplemental attendance session, they will also need to have the appropriate permissions set on the Portal Groups Security page. If the students will only be permitted to sign into the session by scanning the QR code for the session, then they will only need Update to Supplemental Attendance Data. If the students will be able to view their supplemental attendance and also sign into the session through the Student Portal they will need both Read and Update to Supplemental Attendance Data.