There are several ways to limit or restrict parent or student accounts. This article will outline the various methods to limit accounts or hide information on a per-student basis. These options will affect all accounts tied to a student. There is no option currently available to hide information from one parent, but not the other.

Hiding Contact Data (DNR)

To prevent address and phone number information from being displayed to users of the Portal (including teachers, parents, and students) a code can be added to the STU.DNR field in Aeries. The code needs to have a value of 1.00 in the Amount field in the Code Table. Multiple codes can be used for this purpose.

Then assign the student the code in the Records Release field under Demographics and the contact information including address and phone numbers for the student and contact records will not display in the Portal. Contact tab of data confirmation will also be hidden. Note: Contact names will still be displayed.

Using Restricted Contact Flag

The district can implement a Contact Code (CON.CD) in the code table with a Value of 9.00 in the Amount field. This indicates to Aeries and the Portal that this Contact record is a restricted individual.

This code then gets assigned to individual contact records that should be considered restricted.

When a student has a restricted contact record in Aeries, the parent and student account registration process changes. After the person enters the VPC, ID, and TL, the system will recognize the student being requested has a restricted contact record. The registration process will halt the current registration and email the Portal Confirmation Email Address (set in School Options) where the student is currently (or most recently) enrolled. The principal or designee will be asked to confirm the individual requesting an account. This will probably involve calling the parent of the student on file and asking if the email address is valid that requested access to the student.

The principal or designee can click on one of two links: Accept or Reject. After the correct link is clicked on, an email indicating the action will be sent to the address of the person requesting access to that student.

Unlike STU.DNR, the restricted contact flag does not hide any contact information.

Parent Access Restrictions (Secondary Stu Data)

A portal account can become restricted when certain SSD fields are populated. When this restriction is in place for the student, any parent or student account tied to that student will take on only the permissions given to the Restricted Portal Account group and will no longer have the permissions of the Parent Portal Group. A banner message will also be displayed.

This could be used, for example, to prevent students or parents from viewing their class schedule if they have not completed all steps of their registration, or if they owe fees.

The parent portal account tied to the restricted student record will also not be able to access the Data Confirmation process for that student during the active window dates until the restricted code is removed.

When the SSD restriction is removed from the account associated with the student, the parent account will again look at the Parent Portal Group for permissions.

The Secondary Student Data fields that control this process and trigger the portal account to take on the restricted permissions are viewable from Student Data | Other | Secondary Student Data on the navigation menu.

The Parent Access Restrictions fields on the Secondary Student Data page include:

Code (SSD.RCD) – The restriction code that identifies why parental access is being restricted. These codes are set up in the Code table.

Buffer School Days (SSD.RDB) – The number of School Days after the first parent is warned about the pending restriction that the restriction goes into effect. This allows time for the parents to resolve the issue before becoming restricted. This value will default to the associated value in COD.N1 in the Code Table for the Code that is entered into the SSD.RCD field. It can be changed from its default value.

Date Warned (SSD.RDW) – The date the parent was first warned of the pending restriction.

Start Date (SSD.RSD) – The date on which the restriction first goes into effect. On this date and afterward, the parent will only have permissions to the portal that are set up in the Restricted Portal Accounts group.

1st User Warned (SSD.RUW) – The first account name that was warned of the pending restriction.

SSD restriction codes are set up in the Code Table. To set up SSD restriction codes, click on School Info | Configurations | Update Code Table on the navigation menu. The following page will display. Select Table SSD and Field RCD.

Click on Add New Record to add a new restriction code. Enter a code and a description. The description is important as this will be the restriction message that displays to the parent in the portal. A value can be entered in the Amount field. This value will populate the Buffer School Days field automatically when the code is assigned to a student. Click the Save icon to save the new code.

Once SSD restriction codes have been setup, a student can be tagged on the Secondary Student Data (SSD) page with a restriction code to prompt a restriction on a portal account. In the example below, the student was given a Library fees owed restriction code. The Buffer School Days automatically populated with a value of 5 school days since that information was set up in the Code table.

The first time an account associated with this student logs into the portal they will see the following message displayed.

After the first login, the Parent Access Restriction fields on the Secondary Student Data page will be updated with values for the Date Warned, Start Date and 1st User Warned fields.

Note: If the Buffer School Days field is left with a value of 0, the restriction will apply immediately.

Once the portal account restriction takes place, the portal account will only be given the permissions that are set up in the Security area for the Restricted Portal Accounts group. If the SSD restriction is removed from a student, the portal account will again look at the Parents Portal Group for permissions.

See security documentation for details on configuring security for the Restricted Portal Accounts group.