This article reviews the setup and use of the Electronic Score Report Process. Through scheduled calls to the ETS server parents with an email address in the Aeries system are notified via email when new Final score reports are available. As Final score reports become available and parents are notified a record is saved to the Electronic Score Report Log (ERL) table with a notification flag and date. As parents download the Score Reports through the Parent Portal a Parent Viewed (ERL.PV) flag is updated. A management screen allows staff to identify students whose parents either did not download the Score Report or who could not be notified so that the score reports can be downloaded and sent to them manually by the school.

Configure Electronic Score Report Processing allows staff with the appropriate permissions to configure various options of the process.  Options include the day(s) of the week for the process to run, the time of day, email address to send the summary to, checkbox to process previous school year, an option to skip students before a certain leave date, and an option to skip students with certain status tags.  

There is also multi-lingual support for the email message to parents and for custom instructions to parents when they access the State Test Score Reports page.

The Electronic Score Report Manager allows staff to manage results of the Electronic Score Report Process. Staff will be able to review which students' parents were notified, which already downloaded the Score Reports, and which require manual follow-up. They can then manually notify the necessary parents and update the associated Electronic Score Report Log (ERL) record.

NOTE:  Due to the existence of student address information on the State Electronic Score Reports, the State Electronic Test Scores Reports page will not allow parents, students or teachers to access score reports if a student's "Do Not Release Records" (STU.DNR) is set to hide contact data (please see Limiting for Restricting Parent/Student Portal Accounts for more information on how to configure the STU.DNR flag). The parents with Educational Rights and email addresses within Aeries will still receive the notification emails when new score reports are available, but they will not be able to view the score reports from within the Parent Portal. Schools will need to provide an alternate view of this information for the parents and teachers.

For more information on how to make the State Electronic Test Scores Reports page available to staff and parents please see the State Electronic Test Scores Reports Page article.