Prior to generating the Civil Rights Report it is suggested that you review the requirements for the 2020-2021 U.S. Department of Education Civil Rights Data Collection Report. The Civil Rights Data Collection Resource Center contains file layouts and data guides to help prepare for the Civil Rights Report.

The Civil Rights Data Collection must be run out of the 2020-21 school year. If a user is logged into a different school year a red message will appear at the top of the page explaining that the Civil Rights reporting needs to be run against the 2020-21 school year. 

The Attendance Calendar (DAY) needs to be set up at the District (sc 0) level. 

All No Show students and Pre-enrolled students must be flagged correctly in the Status (STU.TG) field.

Verify the Ethnicity (STU.ETH) field is flagged correctly indicating whether a student is or is not Hispanic.

Verify all Race (STU.RC1 â€“ STU.RC5) fields are set up according to the state ethnicity codes. 

Verify students are flagged correctly for Limited English Proficient - LEP (STU.LF). The Language Assessment data must be complete and correct. The Start Date (LAC.SD), Redesignation Date (LAC.RD1) and Services Received (LAC.SR) are used to determine English Learner and EL Students in Programs counts. 

The Special Education data must be complete and correct. For Special Education students verify all Disability Codes are set up correctly for the reporting year and that the enter date is correct. Students will be included in the Special Education counts if they have a Disability Code (CSE.DI), the Enter Date (CSE.ED) is on or before the Special Ed Reporting Date, and the Exit Date (CSE.XD) is empty or on or after the Special Ed Reporting Date.

Verify that all students’ Enrollment (ENR) records are up-to-date for the reporting year.

The Advanced Placement and IB courses must be set up with a department code or subject area code and Course Level (CRS.CL).

All grade levels, especially Pre-K grade levels,  MUST be set up in the Define Student Grade Levels page in order to be used in this report.

Verify all Graduation Requirement (REQ) codes are set up correctly in the District. The Graduation Requirements MUST be set up in the district database (school 0) and MUST be the same for ALL schools. This report CANNOT use Grad Tracks.

In a future update the Staff Credentials (STC) tab of the Staff page will need to be used to identify the Teachers that are certified to teach Algebra I, Mathematics, Science and Computer Science courses.

The Testing Pass Status (TPS) table is used to determine the count of students that passed Algebra I. The TPS table must be up-to-date to produce accurate totals. If you find that the counts are low you can run the Graduation Requirements report at the School level for each secondary school to update the Algebra I pass status fields (TPS.ALG and TPS.AGR). NOTE: for schools with no Graduation Requirements table (REQ), often this will be middle schools or K-8 schools, running the Graduation Requirements report will display a message that "No information is available to print". This is correct, the graduation requirements are not set up at the school, but the TPS.ALG and TPS.AGR fields will still update for students that have met the Algebra I requirements. Please refer to the Algebra I Requirements documentation for more information on how to set up the Algebra I requirements.

All data in the reporting year's database MUST be correct and the Civil Rights results must be verified prior to uploading the results to the Office of Civil Rights. 

At the bottom of the Civil Rights Data Collection page is a header titled Requirements. Clicking on the chevron to the right of the header will open up a list of reminders and resources. Links to the Office of Civil Rights CRDC Home page and Civil Rights Data Collection Resource Center are available.  Reminders, tips and links to documentation and other resources are also available. 

NOTE: The Civil Rights Data Collection MUST be generated in the 2020-2021 school year.