The Standards page is used to define all Standards that will be used in report cards or that will be available to the teachers to use in their gradebooks. Select Standards from the Setup/Config category in the Standards Based Dashboard or under Standards Based Grades | Configurations in the navigation.  The following page will display.

The Standards page has two views, the Display List and Display Tree. The Display List (pictured above) will list the standards by Standard ID and a Search box is available to quickly locate a particular standard.

The Display Tree will display the hierarchy of the standards. Filters are available to limit the standards that are displayed by their type (Local, Common Core, CA State, or Next Generation Science) and by grade level. A Search box is also available to quickly locate a standard by its’ ID or title. The CA English Language Development standards are located within the CA State category.

Standards can be entered as a Top Level Standard Category and then sub standards can be linked to the Standards. When using the Standards Based Report Card Templates page to build the report card only the Top Level Standard Categories need to be added.  An option is provided to include the linked sub standards automatically to the template. 

NOTE: When Mark Type 7 - Comment is attached to a standard the Standard title will not print on the report card.

Load State Learning Standards

State standards can be quickly imported by using the Load State Learning Standards page.  The page is available at the District level for users logged in with an Admin-type account and can be found under Standards Based Grades | Configurations in the navigation.  The page has four tabs to load California, Common Core, CA ELD, and the Next Generation Science standards.

The Update/Load Selected Standards button will analyze all existing standards in the system, rename them if needed, and add any new standards.

Please review the Load State Learning Standards articles for more information on how to update/load state standards into Aeries.

NOTE:  After loading standards the Title or descriptions can be modified.  This may be necessary due to the space limitations of the Standards Based Report Cards.

Add Standards

To Add a Standard manually, click on the Add New Record button on the Standards page.

The standard's details will display to the right of the standard list. Enter a Standard ID and use the Tab key on the keyboard to move to the Title field. Enter the Title and tab to the Type of Standard field.

There are several types of standards available:

CodeType Description
0Top Level Standard Category
1Sub Group
3Filler - for internal use
4Detailed Standard
5Sub Standard
SSubject Area
GSubject Area Group

The actual Type of Standard values are only for information with the exception of 0 – Top Level Standard Category. If you are using Common Core standards that have been loaded with the Load CA Standards form, the Type of Standard should not be changed. The Common Core standards are imported with the appropriate type codes. The hierarchy is based on the relationships between the standards with the Category field. 

For local standards that are manually entered, it is suggested to use the type 0 Top Level Standard Category and for all sub-standards, use the Type of Standard of 4 - Detailed Standard.  This format will allow the sub-standards to be linked to the top level or main standards.

To allow this standard to have marks press Tab to Mark Type1. Select the Mark Type from the dropdown.  To set up Mark Type2 click on the dropdown for that field and select code 2 - Effort.

NOTE:  Mark Type 2 can only be used when a code is set up in the Mark Type 1 field. 

NOTE: When Mark Type 7 - Comment is attached to a standard the Standard title will not print on the report card. There is a limit of 10 Comment standards/report card.

The Include in Transcript option will save the standard, mark type and the marks the student earned into the Standards Based History (SBH) table when the Copy SBG to Standards Based History function is run. The Include in Transcript option is usually selected for top level standards. The Elementary Transcript is a report that can be generated from the data collected in the Standards Based History (SBH) table. 

The Applies to Terms check boxes are used by the system in two ways:

  • They are used to designate in which terms a standard that has a mark type will receive a mark. By default all terms are selected.  De-selecting a term check box will disallow data entry for that term and the box on the report card will be greyed out.

Below, the standard “Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I.” is not available for the first reporting term and will display with the marking box as gray.

  • The Applies to Terms is also used by the system to calculate the grades for a standard. For some report card designs districts do not want to display grades for certain lower level standards, but they do for higher level standards. In this case the lower level standards still need to have the Applies to Terms selected in order for the teachers to be able to use Load Grades from Gradebook to calculate the grade for the higher level standard.

    In the below example the CME.3.OA and CME.3.NBT standards will not be displaying a grade on the report card, but those standards help determine the CME.3 grade and need to be included in the calculation. These two standards will need to have the Applies to Terms selected in order for the CME.3 grade to be calculated during the Load Grades from Gradebook process.

The Applies to Grades check boxes allow particular grades to be selected that will utilize this standard.  Click in the boxes to the left of the grade and a black checkmark will display. To select ALL grades, click on the  Apply to All button and a black checkmark will display for all available grades.

To de-select this Category/Standard from printing on the Missing Mark Report click on the Count on Missing Mark Report? drop down and select No.

The Not Linkable to Gradebook Assignments option can be used to prevent teachers from associating that standard to any gradebook assignments that they have created. 

The Standards Based Report Card can have Standard Title translations for up to 6 different languages.  To add a Correspondence Language select the non-English language code from the dropdown and type the translation for the Standard Title in the selected language to the right of the code.

When the standard has been completely defined click on the Save button to save the standard.

Add a Sub-standard

To Add a sub-standard, click on the Add New Record button. Enter a Standard ID and Title as before.


Click on the dropdown for Type of Standard and select the Type of Standard, Type 4 – Detailed Standard is recommended. This will allow you to link a sub-standard to a Top Level Standard Category.  Press Tab into the Category field.  Click on the Category drop down arrow and select the top level standard or type the standard’s ID into the Category field.  In the below example the sub-standard "Understands concepts about print" is linked to the higher level standards "English Language Arts". 

NOTE: When sub-standards are linked to a Top Level Standard, only the Top Level Standard needs to be added to the Standards Based Report Card Templates to build the report card.  The linked sub-standards will automatically be added to the set up.  

Press Tab until you reach the Mark Type1 field.  Click on the drop down.  Click to select the Mark Type for this standard.  Only Mark Type 1 should be populated for sub-standards.

Complete the rest of the fields for this sub-standard (Include on Transcript, Applies to Terms, Applies to Grade Levels, etc.) as described earlier in this article. When the standard is completely defined click the Save button to save the standard.

To Change a Standard first select the standard by clicking on it in the standard list. Then click on the Change button. Enter all necessary changes and click on the Update button to save the changes.

To Delete a Standard select the standard to be deleted. Then click on the Delete button.  A message will display to verify the deletion. Click on the OK button.

NOTE:  Standards that are used in the Standards Based Setup or Standards Based Report Card Template CANNOT be deleted. The standard must be removed from these pages first then deleted from the Standards page. This also applies to category standards with sub-standards in the Setup or Template. In addition, a standard attached to a gradebook assignment cannot be deleted.

Inactivate a Standard or Category

To Inactivate a Standard/Category, select the standard by clicking on it in the standard list. Click on the Change button. Click on the Status drop down and select Inactive. The Last School Year that the Category was active is also available to be updated. Click on the Update button to save the changes.

It is a good practice to inactivate standards in the new school year that should no longer be used. (Make these changes in the new school year after rollover). Inactive standards will not be available when updating the report card layouts or for teachers when adding standards to assignments.

Standards by Category

To help determine that all standards have been set up correctly, the Standards by Category page can be used to display the standards in each category. The Standards by Category page can be found under Standards Based Grades | Configurations in the navigation.

Standards not already linked to a category can be linked through this page. Select the category standard from the list on the left side of the page. Sub-standards that are associated with that category standard will display in the list to the right.

To add a sub-standard to the category standard, click on the Add New Record link. Use the dropdown to select the sub-standard. Click on the Save icon to save the changes.

To remove a sub-standard from the category standard, click on the Edit icon. Click on the Delete icon.

Standard Listing

After all the standards have been entered on the Standards form a report can be run to verify the information. Click on the Standards Based Standards link under the Setup/Config category of the Standards Based Grades Dashboard or click the Report link under Standards Based Grades in the navigation. Select the Standards Based Standards report.

The following report will display and can be used to verify the standard information.