The Standards Based set up tables are district-owned in Aeries.  Set up at one school will be visible to all schools in the database.  The Standards Based Grades module is comprised of the following tables:


STN – Standards (District owned)

SBV – Standards Based Valid Marks (District owned)

COD - Mark Type Descriptions (District owned)

SBD – Standards Based Template Details (District owned)

SBS – Standards Based Templates (District owned)

SBE – Standards Based Setup (District owned)

SBR – Standards Based Courses (District owned)

SBC – Standards Based Comments

SBG – Standards Based Grades

SBH – Standards Based History

Minimum permissions to view or modify the Standards Based Report Card Templates are:

  • Standards Based Report Card Templates - SBS Permissions:
    • Read - allows users to open existing templates, view what is in SBE for import, and run print previews
    • Update - users can create new templates, save templates, delete templates and import from SBE
  • Standards Based Setup - SBE Permissions:
    • Insert permissions are needed to push/copy the template to the current set-up with the Push to SBE icon
  • Standards - STN Permissions:
    • Insert and/or Update permissions are needed to Add or Edit a Standard from the Standards Based Report Card Templates page. 

We recommend that Non-Admin users that will be updating or creating Standards Based Grade report cards have full permission to these security areas.

Non-Admin users with Administer permissions to Standards Based Options will have an additional feature to push the options set from one school to other schools.

Non-Admin users with Administer permissions to Standards Based Grades (SBG) will have the Teacher Emulation | Standards Based Grades by Teacher node in their navigation.

Elementary teachers will need Read and Update to Standards Based Grades (SBG) to enter/update standards based grades.

NOTE:  Editing an existing standard will impact standards already in use.  Permissions to the Standards (STN) table should be limited to admin type users and be granted with caution.

Please see the Security article for more detailed information on how to set up permissions for users and groups.