NOTE: The various Aeries Mobile Apps are available for both iOS and Android phones. We recommend that Aeries Web be on the latest version for all new features. 

This article walks through common steps to configuring Mobile Apps from Aeries: the Teacher Portal, Parent/Student Mobile Portal, and EM2. The Aeries Mobile Apps require some initial setup :

  • Update the Authorization Code and Generate the Key Pair on the School Options screen for the District (School 0) school
  • Enable the Mobile App and ensure the Public URL reflects the intended portal URL.

NOTE: The above steps need to be completed before App users (staff, teachers, parents or students) will be able to locate their districts or schools in the various Mobile Apps

Authorization Code (Auth Code)

The Authorization Code is used in combination with a public/private key pair to allow for secure transmission of data from your district to Aeries Mobile apps. If you do not already know your Authorization Code, please contact Aeries Software Support to receive a unique Authorization Code.

Update Auth Code and Generate Keys

Contact Aeries Software Support to receive a unique Authorization Code. Once you have received the Authorization Code go to the District Options page by navigating to School Info | School Options and choosing the District (school code 0). Click the Change/Edit button to continue.

NOTE: The settings below are only visible in the Change/Edit mode. 

Under the Security for External Connections area click on the Update Auth Code button.

Enter the Authorization Code provided by Aeries Software Support and then click on the Generate Key Pair button.

NOTE: The Authorization Code shown below (a1b2c3d4e5f6g7) is not valid and is for demonstration purposes only. If you do not already know your Authorization Code, please contact Aeries Software Support to receive it.

After a moment, a message will display with your district's Public Key (pixelated below). Click OK to continue and return to the District Options page.

Once the Authorization Code has been entered into the system and the Key has been generated you can display your District's Public Key by going into Edit mode on the District Options page and clicking on the View Public Key button. This is for informational purposes only. There should never be a need to use this information except when troubleshooting with Aeries Support.

Enable Mobile Apps

On the School Info | School Options page, choose the District (Code 0), select Edit/Change, and go to the Mobile App Settings area. The Public (Virtual Directory) URL defaults to the public URL for your Aeries Web interface. Make sure to match the case of the intended URL exactly, as certain configurations may require this (e.g. https:/ vs https:/

Typically the Aeries EM2 App uses the Public URL of the Aeries Web interface. 

If the Public URL for your Parent/Student Portal or Teacher Portal are different than the URL for your Aeries Web application, then enter those URLs in the appropriate areas. Again, be sure to match the case.  For example...

After all changes have been made click the Save button.

NOTE: Changes to Parent, Student or Teacher permissions will update within 10 minutes and will not affect the features available in the respective Mobile Apps until parents, students or teachers re-log into the app.