Language Assessment Data – State Test

The State Test tab on the Language Assessment Data form will filter and display the ELPAC, IELPAC (Initial ELPAC) and the CELDT data.  The most recent scores will display at the top. The sort order used on this tab is the Year portion of the Date Taken (TST.TD) descending, then the Test ID (TST.ID), Test Administration (TST.TA) descending, Test Part (TST.PT), and Test Sequence (TST.SQ) descending.

Language Assessment - State Test tab

This page can be used to enter these scores into the system.

Language Assessment - State Test tab add a new record

Language Assessment Data – Test History

The Test History tab will store hand entered information for “subsequent” tests (those taken after the “initial” test) in order to track the progress of the student. It will also store assessments that were replaced on the LAC screen during the Copy ELPAC scores to LAC process when the new test id is different than the one being replaced. 

Language Assessment - Test History tab

Language Assessment Data – Other

The Other tests tab will store hand input records of other Language tests that the district would like to track in the past.  The past use of this form might have been considered the FLOSEM score form.

Language Assessment - Other tab