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Career Pathways records can be entered in mass for students on the Career Pathway Dashboard page but they can also be entered individually by student. The Career Pathways page can be accessed on the Navigation tree under the Student Data > Programs node. The following page will display for the selected student with no Career Pathways.

To add the first  Career Pathway to a student, complete the form and select Insert

Select a Career Pathway from the Pathway drop down list.

The Completed checkbox can be used to designate the Pathway as completed for the student.  If the Completed field on the student Career Pathways page is selected, the CALPADS SCTE record will populate field 11.14 - CTE Pathway Completion field with the Academic Year ID. A comment can also be added about the Pathway. 

After all information has been entered, click the Insert button to save the information.

To add an additional Career Pathway to a student, click on the Add link in the tabs area of the form. Additional Career Pathways will appear as shown. 

After a Pathway is selected and saved for a student, the Career Pathways page will display additional areas to of information regarding History, Courses, Experiences and Outcomes associated with the Pathway. 

To add History information to the Pathway for the student, click on the Add button in the History band.  

NOTE:  The History record is required for CALPADS reporting for the CTE Completion Academic Year element.  Only students who are concentrating or completing the pathway should have a History record.  These students will be included in the CALPADS SCTE file.  Students that only take the introductory course are considered non-concentrating participants and should not have a History record.  Additionally, any student who takes just one course (regardless of the level) in a 3 or more year pathway, is considered a non-concentrating participant and should not have a History record. Please reference the Career Pathways FAQ page for more information.

An area will display to add History information including Academic Year, Level, School and Comment. After information has been entered, click on the Save icon to save the information.  Note: Ensure the Level is the same as the State Course Code Level in the 'California Specific Fields' tab of the Course information or they Student may not display correctly in the Career Pathways Management page.

Pathway related courses that have been appropriately mark in the Course (CRS) table and appear on the current student's Transcript (HIS) will be displayed in the Courses band.

To add Experience information, click on the Add button in the Experience band.  

Note: An Experience and Date is needed for California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) reporting. 

An area will display to add Experience information including Dates, Company, Compensation information and Comments. After information has been entered, click on the Save icon to save the information.

To add Outcome information, click on the Add button in the Outcomes band.  

Note: An Outcome and Date is also needed for California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) reporting. 

To add Activities and Awards information, click on the Add button in the  Activities and Awards band.


Select the Type of Activity or Award and other information

Note: An Activity or Award entered here will be inserted into the ACT table and show on the Activities Page and show the Career Pathway associated with the Activity or Award.  Awards may also be entered on the Activities and Awards page for a Career Pathway.  See the documentation.

Career Pathways Widget

The Career Pathways widget is visible on the student's Profile page located on the navigation tree under the Student Data | Profile node.

Students with a Career Pathway (CPW.CD) record will display the widget to User and Teacher type accounts who have read to Career Pathways (CPW), Student Classes (SEC), Transcripts (HIS) and Class Schedule History (CAR) tables.

The widget displays each course in a pathway and the individual history for that student. This information displays whether or not the students are currently scheduled or have transcript records in these particular courses. It will display the course title, number, and course Level (CCP.LVL) as defined within the Career Pathway Dashboard. The Grade, Credits completed, Year, and Term is pulled from the student's transcript. The Current Course column shows if the course is currently in the student's Class Schedule (SEC)

Any completer course (CCP.LVL = 03)  with a grade less than a "C-" will appear in red.

Any pathway course, regardless of its level, will appear in red if the student has earned zero (0) credits. 

Spring 2019-20 Changes

The Career Pathways page Courses area has been updated to display completer level courses with non-traditional marks and completed credits (HIS.CC) = 0 in red during terms impacted by COVID-19. Any completer level course in transcripts (HIS) with the following criteria will display in red:

Transcript Terms (HIS.TE)

  • Spring 2019-20  (Transcript Definition terms that will be treated as courses taken during the end of the 2019-20 school year are H5, H6, Q4, S2, T3 and SS)
  • Summer following the Spring 2019-20 term

Transcript Years (HIS.YR)

  • 2019-20 for the Spring term
  • Either 2019-20 or 2020-21 for the Summer term following the 2019-20 Spring term depending on the College Entrance Requirements Option "Does the School Year on HIS records change for the Summer following an academic year?". If this option is not selected, then the modified display will be applied to the 2019-20 Summer transcript records for CTE completer courses. If the option is selected then the modified display will be applied to the 2020-21 Summer transcript records for CTE completer courses.

Transcript Mark (HIS.MK)

  • non-traditional grade (ex. "P" for Pass, "CR" for Credit , or "NC" for No Credit)

Transcript Credits Completed (HIS.CC)

  • Credits Completed > 0

Below is a screenshot of the Career Pathways page with a non-traditional 0-credit mark in a 2019-20 summer school record and the corresponding Career Pathways widget from the Profile page: