A Print Preview icon is available to check the report card's progress while it is being built. When creating a new template, the Print Preview icon is disabled until the template has been saved by clicking on the Save icon. Once the template has been named and saved, clicking on the Print Preview icon will automatically save the template to ensure new changes are saved. 

When clicking on the Print Preview icon, the following options display:

  • Print only CL of: - the report card will be printed in the selected language as long as the Correspondence Language fields have the translation for that language. Any items that do not have translations will print in English.
  • Include Standard ID in Mark - when the option is selected, the Standard ID (STN.SD) will print in the mark columns
  • Teacher Signature - when the option is selected, the Teacher signature line will print on the 2nd page
  • Principal Signature - when the option is selected, the Principal signature line will print on the 2nd page
  • Single Column Report - when the option is selected, the report card will print out as a 1-Column Portrait report card.

The Print Preview option should be used often throughout the process of creating the report card template.

While the print preview is generating a popup will come up asking Would you like to remove the blank lines that were added during the print preview?

The print preview process pads the template with filler records to properly display the standards in the correct areas of the report card. While the report card template is being updated we recommend answering Yes to this question. By answering Yes the filler records will be removed so that more standards can be added without first having to delete the filler records. Once the report card template has been finalized and just prior to pushing it to the Standards Based Setup run the Print Preview one more time and answer No to the question. This will permanently add any additional filler records that the report card template needs properly space the standards on the report card before it is uploaded into the Standards Based Setup (SBE) table.