Downloading the Data File from the California Educator Reporting System (CERS)

The CAASPP Interim Assessment data file can be downloaded from the California Educator Reporting System (CERS).

From the CAASPP site ( click on the Resources tab and the Interim Assessments link.

Click on the California Educator Reporting System (CERS) button.

Log into the system

Click on the District/School Exports button.

Enter a Name for the export file

Select the School Year

Select to Show or Hide results from other schools for New Students

Select the District or Schools to download. Remember to click on the Add to add the selection.

Click on the Create Report button

The system will navigate to the My Reports page. After the report has completed click on the 3 buttons to the left of the report name to open up a menu. Click on the Download Report Data link.

This should create a CSV file with all district and/or school assessment results. Do not open up the CSV file in Excel. Doing this could alter the data.

If you wish to review the data in Excel then download a second copy for that purpose. The file that is used to import into Aeries must be in the original csv format and not potentially altered by Excel.

NOTE:  According to the California Educator Reporting System User Guide for 2019-20 the California Educator Reporting System (CERS) will phase in all student results from all CAASPP and ELPAC assessments over the next couple of years. The District/School Exports has no filtering or customization capability at this time, so annual CAASPP and ELPAC summative results will be included with the Interim Assessment results. We have altered our import process for CAASPP Interim tests to ignore any other test results in the file when the file is loaded. Below is a chart from the CERS User Guide outlining when to expect the various assessments to be added to the extract:

Interim Assessment Tests - IAB and ICA

The CAASPP Interim Assessments are comprised of two different types of test. The Interim Comprehensive Assessment (ICA) mirrors the summative assessments in scope and format. ICA tests can be taken up to 3 times in a school year. The Interim Assessment Block (IAB) includes a smaller, focused set of items that measure several assessment targets. IAB tests can be taken many times in a school year.

Since these tests can be taken multiple times in the same school year the Testing Administration dates will be in a YYMMDD format, derived from the date the student took the test.

ICA results usually include the overall subject area scaled score and performance level as well as performance levels for the associated claims. ICA results will produce test records in both the Test Scores (TST) and Content Standard Scores (CST) tables.

The TST.ID for the ICA tests is SBICA, TST.PT of 1 will be the ELA test and 2 will be the Math test:

The CST.ID for the ICA will be either ICAELA or ICAMATH depending upon the test that was taken:

IAB results only include claim performance levels. IAB results will produce a “blank” holding record in the Test Scores (TST) table and scored records in the Content Standard Scores (CST) table.

The TST.ID for the IAB tests is SBIAB, TST.PT of 1 will be the ELA test and 2 will be the Math test:

The CST.ID for the IAB tests is dependent upon the test that was taken:

NOTE: The IAB test parts are derived from the AssessmentName field in the Interim Assessment data file. Since the vendor may create new test parts during the year, it is possible that a new AssessmentName value may not be mapped to a test part in Aeries. The Import Test Results process will report any invalid or unknown AssessmentName records in the summary email. If the AssessentName appears to be valid but cannot be associated with a Part # please contact Aeries Support with the AssessmentName so that we can add the mapping into the system.

The TST.ID descriptions for the ICA and IAB tests were initially imported into the Testing Control (CTL) table during the AdminCS update process. The initial CST.ID descriptions for the ICA and IAB tests were also imported into the Content Standard Names (CSN) table during the same AdminCS update. Future updates to the IAB and ICA test names and parts in the CTL and CSN tables occur when the CAASPP Interim Assessment 2017/18 - 2018/19 and later file layout is selected on the Import Test Results page in Aeries Web.

The CAASPP Interim Assessment test results do not include the students’ Student ID, Student Number or Birth Date. This is important to note when matching records as these would not be good Match Options to select.