Account Settings can be accessed by any user after logging into Aeries Web by expanding the Account Settings menu which is indicated by an arrow to the right of the logged in user's name in the upper right-hand corner.

The first option on the menu is "Highlight State Reporting Fields". When selected, this feature will highlight all fields within Aeries Web that are extracted for state reporting in Green. This setting is specific to each school database the user has access to, so they will need to select the option in each database. Once the feature is enabled, it will remain "on" until the user returns to the Account Settings menu and deselects the check box.  Districts do have the ability to force the feature to be enabled for all users, however individual users still have the ability to turn if "off" for themselves.

With appropriate security permissions, Users can update their email address, first name, and last name from the "Account Settings" option on from the drop-down menu. This page will also display the user's last login date/time, IP address, and login count. Users can also update Shortcut Keys preferences, as well as certain system preferences. Shortcut Keys are keyboard shortcuts or hot keys that can be used for basic tasks.

The default shortcut keys are displayed below but can be changed to either an arrow key or a key of the user's choice. Available keyboard shortcuts are listed below:

  • Student Search/Get ( Ctrl + Alt + G )
  • Next Student/Forward ( Ctrl + Alt + F )
  • Previous Student/Back ( Ctrl + Alt + B )
  • First Student ( Ctrl + Alt + 1 )
  • Last Student ( Ctrl + Alt + 9 )

Users may also check the use arrow key checkbox next to each shortcut if they prefer to use the arrow keys. Note: Arrow keys are not compatible with all web browsers or computers. It is common for some computers to reserve ctrl + alt + arrow hot keys to rotate the monitor. If you wish to use the arrow keys with Aeries, you must first disable these hotkeys.