Known Issue - Grade Reporting "Issue Credit" and "Copy to Transcript" buttons not working - FIXED 09/25/2020

FIXED - The attendance totals were not always accurate when using this feature in a period attendance school, fixed.  Also, in some cases the Sequence Number link between Transcripts (HIS) and Grades (GRD) was not being saved, fixed. Also, in a regular school using Alt Ed Scheduling, the SAVE button was not working, fixed.

Known Issue - The "Issue Credit" button on the Course Attendance and Classes pages and the "Copy to Transcript" button on the Grades page are not working since the 9/15/2020 update.

These buttons display when using the School Options, "Allow Issue Credit on Classes/Course Attendance Pages" feature.

Programming is working on this now and we will ship an update ASAP.

Hi Abraham, 

The "Issue Credit" button was fixed on the 9/25/2020 update.  Are you still having issues?

Any updates regarding the "Issue Credit" button?

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