Known Issue - Grade Reporting "Issue Credit" and "Copy to Transcript" buttons not working - FIXED 09/25/2020

FIXED - The attendance totals were not always accurate when using this feature in a period attendance school, fixed.  Also, in some cases the Sequence Number link between Transcripts (HIS) and Grades (GRD) was not being saved, fixed. Also, in a regular school using Alt Ed Scheduling, the SAVE button was not working, fixed.

Known Issue - The "Issue Credit" button on the Course Attendance and Classes pages and the "Copy to Transcript" button on the Grades page are not working since the 9/15/2020 update.

These buttons display when using the School Options, "Allow Issue Credit on Classes/Course Attendance Pages" feature.

Programming is working on this now and we will ship an update ASAP.

Any updates regarding the "Issue Credit" button?

Hi Abraham, 

The "Issue Credit" button was fixed on the 9/25/2020 update.  Are you still having issues?

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