Aeries Communications Update 6/1/2019

The following changes were made to Aeries Communications over the weekend of 6/1/2019.

  • Announcements - Issues occurred for some users with previewing text-to-speech recording when re-using a CSV announcement, fixed.
  • Feed - The "My Students" feed filtering option did not always work as intended for Emergency Contacts of students.
  • Feed - Hiding announcements in the feed sometimes also removed them from the announcement log, fixed.
  • Announcements - Twitter was sometimes showing as a modality choice to recipient groups even without a linked Twitter account configured, fixed.
  • Direct Messages - Some teachers reported that they had access to Direct Message all students in a school when they should only have had access to the students in their classes, fixed.
  • SMS Delivery Status - SMS delivery statuses of "Failed" and "Undelivered" have been added to the system.

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