Aeries Communications Update 5/16/2019

The following changes were released last night in Aeries Communications:

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RSS FeedsAdditional RSS feed options have been added for district and school groups.
Direct MessagingAn "Add Teachers" button has been added next to the existing "Add Guardians" button when admin, staff or teachers direct message a student.
Announcement Delivery ReportA new "Delayed" status definition has been added for email deliveries on the announcement delivery report to reflect occasional SMTP server issues. The error reads: "Delayed - The email is currently delayed by the recipient email server."
Schedule AnnouncementsA new "Custom Dates" option has been added for scheduling announcements using custom dates and times.
AnnouncementsOccasionally, the deletion of a recipient group during announcement creation was not completed as expected, fixed. The delete function is now disabled and loading indicators have been added to provide feedback to the user that the request is still processing.
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