Aeries Communications Update 3/23/2019

  • Admin users can now message guardians of pre-enrolled/inactive students separately from active students and guardians. Pre-enrolled/inactive students are now segmented in "Pre-Enrolled" grade-level groups created in the sync process until they become marked as 'active'. Selecting a pre-enrolled student group for an announcement will only notify parents of those students.
  • Teachers and Group Owners can now download CSV delivery reports for their announcements by clicking the "eyeball' icon below their published announcements in the Feed. The link to the report is accessible from the Announcement info slideout.
  • The link to the support article for CSV Ad Hoc Announcement feature was not working in the CSV popup. Fixed.
  • Images added inline to Announcement emails in the Email customization editor were being reduced in width to a maximum of 400 pixels wide. That limitation has been removed.
  • To support behavioral and other conditionally triggered announcements aside from the existing attendance, grade and nutrition announcement types, support for custom email subjects has been added to the Bulk Announcement API endpoint
  • Emergency-Only contacts are no longer displayed in the Custom Subset/Individuals user listings.

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Does this pertain to Aeries Communications only?

Yes.  Districts using Aeries Communications will now see the above changes in that system.  There are various email communications features inside of Aeries without the Communications Package though.


Should we be able to see *PreEnrolled students if we are Revision 4/19?

Camden, we currently use school messenger for communications to parents and students. Is it possible to get a comparison of the services offered in communications? We are interested in a quote.

Alicia, you will have to create a Student Group with your Pre-Enrolled Students, and then they will display display as a group to communicate with in Aeries Communications.

Audry, I will forward your information over to our Sales team and they would be happy to follow up with you.

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