Known Issue - SBG Teacher Term Comment Character Count and Shrink to Fit

A common question is how many characters will fit in the teacher term comments on the Standards Based Report Cards. 

The actual character counts are highly dependent on the  options selected in the Standards Based Options screen and the text itself. 


These are the approximate maximum character counts and row counts that will fit in the comment box when “Use Advanced Comment Formatting”  is not turned on:


2-Column Portrait Report Card – standards in the left  column and comments only in the right column of the 2nd page:

3-mark – approximately 1690 characters   (about 22  rows of text)

4-mark – approximately 1230 characters   (about 16  rows of text)


2-Column Portrait Report Card – no standards on the 2nd  page so comments fill entire width of page:

3-mark – approximately 3300 characters   (about 22  rows of text)

4-mark – approximately 2526 characters   (about 16  rows of text)


Approximate character counts when the Advanced Comment  Formatting feature is turned on cannot be determined because the formatting features (carriage  returns, bold text) available to the teachers changes those counts.

Also, the Shrink to Fit option is not working on the teacher term comments. Programming will be able to address this issue after the Aeries Reporting Service is upgraded over summer.

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